Presenting at CES – Making the Mobile into a Smart Remote for Smart TV

CES 2013. One of the biggest shows of tech stuff. Everything nifty. Everything new. And here we are, at the Haier booth presenting SpeakingPal TV Remote. It is quite exciting. There is a buzz everywhere.

So what do we have to offer? Our flagship app for improving your English speaking skills now on Smart TV – and controlled by your smartphone or tablet! After all, if you are going to have a Smart TV, isn’t it a good idea to also have a Smart Remote Control? And what is smarter than your smartphone or tablet? So, we decided to enhance the regular control functions of a usual remote control and allow your mobile or tablet to act as a navigation tool, microphone and camera – so that you can interact in a new and exciting way with the character on the big screen and learn to speak English in a whole new way.

The mobile device navigates the application, just like you would use a regular TV remote to do so. But in addition, it records your voice and sends it off to be recognized by the automatic speech recognition engine – so that you can get instant pronunciation feedback. And then it takes a video of you saying the utterance – so that you can see yourself on TV and compare your speech with a native speaker. A Smart Remote for Smart TV!

Pretty neat, huh?

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